EYE SPY: Builder’s bum in Tesco put me off my dinner

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AFTER fighting my way around Oak Tree Tesco recently and deliberating over the delicious food options, and deciding what to select for the family meal that evening, I headed to the till to pay.

But the state of the sight before me was enough to put me off not only dinner that day but food for a week.

The vision of a man’s ‘builder’s bum’ as he bent over his trolley to place his food on the conveyor was one nobody should be subjected to.

It has been suggested that some companies are now looking into providing child-free cabins on-board planes for those who wish to avoid being seated next to a screaming child.

Whilst a good idea I can’t help but think it might also be worth having a cabin free of fidgeters.

You know the type - those passengers who feel it necessary to get up and down from their seat like a Jack in a box.

Those incessant bag-checkers. The nuisance neighbours who wait for you to nod off and then want to get by for the third time in thirty minutes!

Put them all in one place - perhaps with the kids - and they can all fidget together.

And one last thought: It’s nice to see the cold weather hasn’t put off the drinkers from congregating on Newgate Lane for their morning Special Brew.