Edwinstowe group launches to bring power back to the people

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A village group has been set up to help ‘put the power back into the hands of the community’, as relations between residents and the parish council continue to fester.

Edwinstowe United held its first official meeting at South Forest Leisure Centre, welcoming 56 people.

Resident Sheila Norton, who was one of four people to launch the group, said its aims are to give local people a greater say, as set out by the Localism Act.

The group’s launch comes weeks after tempers flared between residents and members of Edwinstowe Parish Council during a meeting which resulted in the police being called. Sheila insists the new group is not trying to oust the council, but has evolved from the frequent clashes.

She also says it goes beyond the recently-opened skate park and the village allotments - two issues which have caused frequent clashes between residents and council members.

“It’s something I stumbled across when I was looking for information about our fight for the allotments,” added Sheila.

“If people can get together, they can generate funds and have a say in their community.

“It’s putting the power back into the hands of the community. Any good council should bring this to the community anyway.”

Last year the Government announced a £4.3 million package for communities to improve the lives of residents on how they see fit.

And Sheila says that had the group got together sooner, they could have even saved the village youth club from closure.