Edwinstowe club urges community to get behind charity work

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2013 started for me in July with my very first stint as Lion President taking over from Tony Pink who did a sterling job the previous year, writes Jon Yarwood, President of the Edwinstowe and Dukeries Lions Club.

I would like to share with you exactly what we as Lions get up to throughout the year.

Simplistically we raise money and give it away, which is quite appropriate as we are in the heart of Robin Hood country.

How do we do this you may ask, go on please ask! Well for a start we don’t rob from the rich, but we do like to encourage people to support us.

This is done in numerous ways, we hold all sorts of events, coffee mornings, race nights, quizzes, murder mystery nights, golf days, dances, Easter egg raffles and our very important annual Santa sleigh collection, when we tour the villages with Santa during nearly all of December.

This is our largest collection and is the cornerstone to our fundraising year. In fact I am happy to report that we raised in excess of £5150.00, THANK YOU EVERYONE.

Just about every penny goes to LOCAL worthwhile causes.

How do we decide who gets help? Well it’s really very simple we meet every second and fourth Thursday of the month at the Ollerton House Hotel.

We are asked by e mail, by letter and by individuals, groups, clubs and organisations for support.

We discuss and debate every bit of correspondence we receive and democratically make a decision on who we support.

We strongly believe in supporting the local community, giving this money is a huge responsibility and we don’t take this lightly, we know we are entrusted with this money to use wisely.

Who helps us? Well for a start each Lion is a star, they give up a little of their precious time to make sure the club functions, also the Lions partners and wives who are not already Lions, put in a tremendous amount of help and support.

Local groups Bilsthorpe Albion, thanks Jamie!! Clipstone Scouts and the Lifespring Church, wow what help you gave us, cheers Dan.

Local businesses are also invaluable to the club, we have excellent relationships with some wonderful people.

Many of these let us use their premises and dig deep in their pockets to help us, I can’t mention everyone and forgive me if I’ve missed you off, but a huge thank you to The Ollerton House hotel, The Copper Beech in Bilsthorpe and The South Forest Leisure complex at Edwinstowe.

In addition to these we also get support from, many of the local pubs and businesses especially around Easter raffle time, again, too many to mention, but special thanks to The Forest Lodge in Edwinstowe, James at the Tyre shop in Ollerton and of course where would be without Tesco at Ollerton, who are key to our Annual total.

I will end on a couple of points, and I think that probably these are key to our future.

If you are a local business who care about our community call me.

Let’s discuss how we can work in partnership, also the wonderful general public, who of you would like to make a difference? whether you are single or a couple you are most welcome to come and see us, we have lots of fun in what we do, so again, call, e mail and check us out.

Thank you all so very much, and once again have an extremely Happy New Year.