Selston college students entertain the governors

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PERFORMING arts students from Selston Arts and Community College entertained delegates at Nottinghamshire County Council’s governors’ conference at Mansfield Civic Centre on 12th March.

Amy Wilcockson, Laura Marshall and Rebekah Raynes were accompanied by Scott Stevenson for their performance of an extract from Willy Russell’s Blood Brother, which tells the tale of twin boys who are separated at birth.

Meanwhile the school’s Eco team recently carried out assemblies to all students on the theme of litter.

Litter has become a big problem in our ‘throw away’ society and is not just a problem in schools but also in the wider communities.

Emily Burnett, Ria Walker, Kim Nolle, Chloe Harrison, Caitlin Binch, Leia Ball, Amiee Cheese, Brandon Meakin and Emily Bates all feel very strongly about the amount of litter which can be found in school and around the local community and wanted to let the other students know about it’s damaging effects, not only aesthetically, but the damage that can be done to wildlife, such as hedgehogs and birds.

They also informed the students that litter encourages vermin like rats.

The assembly gave examples of things that are thrown away and how long it takes for them to decompose. A banana skin takes up to 2 years, a carrier bag 10-20 years, but may never rot away and a plastic bottle will never decompose.

Their message was reuse, reduce and recycle and use the bins provided for rubbish to ensure that Selston Arts & Community College and the local community and wider world are places of which we can be proud.