Parents told off by Notts school for social media 'abuse'

Minster Family of Schools has warned parents not to subject the school or staff to 'abuse' on social media after several incidents.
Minster Family of Schools has warned parents not to subject the school or staff to 'abuse' on social media after several incidents.
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Minster Schools has sent a letter to parents warning not to criticise the school on social media.

The family of eight schools under the Southwell secondary said parents had been using social media to make negative and 'sometimes aggressive' posts about the schools.

They warned parents not to make 'inaccurate or abusive statements', claiming there have been several incidents recently.The Minster family of schools sent out the letter to parents at Bleasby CofE Primary, Farnsfield St Michael's, and six other feeder schools in the group.

It stated: "We are aware of the many benefits of social media, and that this is now a powerful part of everyday life. We are equally aware, unfortunately, that this form of communication is open to abuse, and may cause upset and confusion if not used sensitively and thoughtfully.

"It has come to our notice that recently there have been several cases of overly negative and sometimes aggressive posts about the schools in our family, and whilst we know all parents, careers and students need to 'let off steam' at times, this cannot be used as an excuse to post inaccurate or abusive statements.

"The headteachers of the schools would like it known that if they are made aware of any inaccurate statement made about a school's policy, or if a comment is in any way abusive about or towards any member of staff, this will be tackled directly, and any necessary action taken."

Minster Family of Schools said opinions of parents, carers and students are 'extremely useful in helping us to improve the service we provide'.

Head Teacher Matthew Parris said in a statement to the Chad: "The letter sent out by the Family of Schools is an annual statement based on national advice and guidelines regarding the use of social media. Clearly, the statement is not aimed at stopping parents from making comments, but is designed to stop the use of defamatory or abusive comments being circulated within the local and wider community. We do recognise that the majority of our parents, carers and students use social media responsibly.

"As a family of schools we continue to welcome constructive comments from parents, carers and students and take these in to consideration when we review and improve school services."