Our award is out of this world

A SCHOOL in South Normanton has been given a prestigious award for bringing the world into the classroom.

The Brigg Infant School has been awarded the British Council’s International School Award which is for outstanding work in international education.

The school’s international work includes links with schools in France, Sri Lanka and the USA.

They also enjoyed themed days at school including Spanish day, USA day and French day. Highlights included a French breakfast, Flamenco dancing and hot dogs.

Headteacher Isobel Martin, said: “Staff, governors and children were delighted that our International work has been recognised in this way.

“As well as our links with schools in other countries and our themed days, we also aim to ensure that we include an international dimension into all of our curriculum topic areas.”

John Rolfe from the British Council, said: “The school’s fantastic international work is not only giving the young people a better understanding of the world around them, but it’s really making a difference to their future prospects too. “Employers are telling us international skills are as important as exam results – so the school is doing is vital preparation for life in a global society and work in a global economy.”