Easy way to improve things: let’s work together

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POLTICAL COLUMN: Mansfield Coun Phil Shields of Progressive Labour on how closer co-operation should be the key aim of all local parties...

After reading the Labour Leader’s Column last week in the Chad, it appears from his comments the Labour Group in Mansfield are only interested in power and what they will do when they are in power AFTER the elections in May next year.

For three years now I have listened to the Labour Group moan about the Mayoral system, the power the position holds and how the mayoral system is not right for Mansfield.

I would have presumed after three years of being the majority party they might have done something about it, but no as they crave to have this power.

Surely it is not about power, it is about working together for the betterment of our District.

It concerns me greatly that again it would appear from the Labour Leader’s comments they do not intend to do anything over the next year but would rather put together their manifesto for when they are in power.

One year equals a lot of tax payers’ money.

So, the one easy way to improve our District, let’s see how much can be achieved for the people we represent by doing this one simple thing, let’s work together.

I have the privilege recently of assisting the All Saints School pupils with mock interviews to help prepare them for the outside world when they leave school.

The maturity and common sense the pupils show and their confidence and the aspirations they had, was an absolute credit to them and the school.

I know the pupils I had the privilege of meeting/interviewing will go a long way in the career paths they have chosen, well done to everyone who took part.

I know I always go on about our communities and the strength of spirit within communities across our District, but I have seen another fantastic show of community spirit, which I would like to share with you.

Pubs sometimes get bad press, but they are really good community centres for people, my local, The Talbot on Nottingham Road had a member of staff who because of an incident in town ended up in a coma, had numerous brain operations and a real fight for his life.

The landlord’s Martin and Stacey Briggs decided to rally the troops, they got a framed signed Steven Gerard shirt and a signed Stags shirt and decided to hold a raffle.

All the proceeds went to the member of staff and a cheque was presented to him for £2,450.

A big thank you to Martin, Stacey and their team and everyone who contributed for showing great community spirit.

Finally, a massive well done to Ollie Hind and Charlotte Henshaw for their selections to represent us yet again in major championships I am sure you will come back with even more medals.

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