Drugs claim raises concern at Edwinstowe skate park

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Police say they have increased patrols after a message was posted on a social media site about drug use at a skate park.

The message was recently put on Twitter by a teenager, and simply read ‘Edwinstowe skatepark, #1. place for drugs’.

The £100,000 equipment on Friars Park was only completed earlier this month, but some living nearby say it has already become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

Complaints have been lodged about youngsters using the park at all hours, while litter and underage drinking has been noted.

The message left on Twitter was reported to the police, and chairman of the Edwinstowe safer neighbourhoods group, Keith Benison, says it is another growing concern.

Mr Benison, who forwarded the Twitter message to a local Pc and PCSO, said: “Somebody has gone to the trouble of putting this online, and it’s worrying.

“Anywhere where drugs could be involved is a serious concern. I’ve sent it to two local officers and I’ve not had a response yet.”

But the police say there has been little evidence to suggest there was drug taking at the site, although increased patrols would continue.

However, another resident, who did not want to be named, said those living near to the skate park still need to meet with councillors to discuss all problems raised.

She said: “We need to sit down and discuss the situation, it’s something that needs addressing.”

The matter had been on the agenda at the recent Edwinstowe Parish Council meeting, but it was brought to a premature end as residents clashed with councillors and the police were called.

Chairman Celia Brooks had said that they want to iron out any issues raised by members of the public, but said the park has been well received and well used 
by the young people.