Dog owners take advantage of microchipping

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NEWS: News.

Dog owners in Ashfield took advantage of free microchipping thanks to Ashfield District Council in partnership with The Dogs Trust.

The event held in June was such a success with almost 137 dogs being chipped, that the council are now organising another free microchipping event with the Dogs Trust.

This event was one of the Council’s many initiatives to promote responsible dog ownership and educate residents on the benefits of compulsory microchipping.

Microchipping for dogs is set to become a legal requirement from April 2016, so the Council is keen to start early and get as many owners as possible to chip their dogs well before that date.

Coun Cheryl Butler,

Ashfield District Council’s Deputy Leader, said: “Microchipping is a simple, effective and permanent way of maximising the chances of being reunited with your dog if it strays.

“If a dog strays, the Council’s Dog Control Officers will always check the dog for a chip and in most cases will be able to deliver the dog back to the owner within less than an hour.

“Of course, that relies on the owner information on the chip being up to date so if your dog is already chipped and you move house or change your phone number, don’t forget to tell the chip company.”

Whilst it is already a legal requirement for your dog to have a collar and tag with your details on, this can removed at any time.

A microchip on the other hand cannot be removed and is the best to way to help your furry friend return home if lost.