Did you have power problems on 25th November in Hucknall?

A Hucknall woman is blaming power problems for her washing machine breaking down.

A series of short power cuts on the morning of 25th November in the Beauvale area of the town appears to have had an adverse effect on Jayne Robertson’s washing machine.

Jayne, of Rockwood Walk, called out an engineer to her three year old appliance who said everything on the vital machine was working but the circuit board had been burnt out.

Jayne believes it is too much of a coincidence that her machine failed just after the power problems and have called on the company for compensation.

“It was when my daughter’s boyfriend asked if he could wash his uniform in our machine after theirs had stopped working that I discovered ours wasn’t working either,” explained Jayne. “That was when I asked around if anyone else had experienced a power cut and a few people I spoke to had.

“It is too much of a coincidence that two appliances broke after the power problems.

“I have been left out of pocket after being forced to claim on my house insurance and pay the excess because Western Power have failed to accept they are to blame.

“They confirmed that there were some power issues locally but they said my street wasn’t affected.

“I am left wondering if anyone else in the Hucknall area has also suffered the effects of these short power cuts in any way.”

The Dispatch has contacted Western Power for a reaction and is awaiting their response.

Let us know if you suffered any problems similar to Jayne by commenting on this story or emailing newsdesk@hucknall-dispatch.co.uk.