Teen stole beer from Bolsover store

A TEENAGER who stole a crate of beer from a Bolsover store had a drink problem resulting from “hanging around with undesirables”, a court heard.

James Hill went into One Stop shop, picked up a crate of lager and walked out without paying for it at 11.20pm.

Police went to his home the next day and recovered two of the stolen cans. The other eight were missing.

“He said he had been drinking and he went to the shop with no money and snatched a pack of beer off the shelf,” Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield. weds

Denney Lau, for Hill, said: “It’s sad to see him back before the court again. He was kicked out by his mother just over a year ago.

“He was homeless for three or four months, sleeping rough and at different people’s houses. He has an alcohol issue because of hanging around with undesirable people.”

Mr Lau said Hill (19) committed the offence while with friends in Bolsover and he wanted to change his lifestyle and beat his drink problem.

Hill, unemployed, of Chapel Street, Brimington, Chesterfield, admitted theft on 3rd December. He had previous convictions for shoplifting and damaging property.

The bench fined him £93 and ordered him to pay £10.99 compensation, with £85 costs.