Drunken lout gets footy ban

Impact Arena

Impact Arena

A Derbyshire police officer convinced a court to impose a five-year football banning order on a boozy hooligan after a match at Alfreton Town’s Impact Arena.

Chesterfield magistrates court heard on Friday, May 23, how Grimsby Town FC supporter Kayne Hargreaves, 20, had been drinking and was abusive to police and others before his team’s Skrill Conference Premier match against Alfreton.

Prosecuting solicitor Sarah Haslam said: “A police officer noticed a group of males who were part of the Grimsby Town Risk Group and Hargreaves was stopped because he was carrying wine and was shouting and swearing and his eyes were glazed and his speech was slurred. He was abusive and was asked to hand over the wine and to calm down. Hargreaves walked towards two males and shouted at them in an aggressive manner. He was told to shut up and get back but he refused and was arrested.”


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