Ashfield crime drops by nearly a third in three years

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INSPECTOR Andy Clarke is celebrating three years as Ashfield North’s neighbourhood policing inspector - and in this time crime has dropped by almost a third.

Over the past three years, there has been a reduction in all types of crime, apart from drugs offences which have risen by 56 per cent, with 215 crimes recorded this year compared to 138 in 2008.

Insp Clarke says: “This increase is indicative of the amount of work we have been doing around misuse of drugs and drugs supply.

“One way we have increased the pressure is by actioning and processing warrants, leading to arrests and the seizure of drugs and drug paraphernalia and, where applicable, the prosecuting of any offenders.”

Offences that have seen the biggest drop include fraud and forgery, which saw a 55 per cent drop; reported sexual offences and instances of criminal damage, which both fell by 41 per cent. Robbery is down by 38 per cent and burglaries by 36 per cent.

Insp Clarke added: “We have seen significant changes in the way we do business and continually support our community.

“We work very closely with communities and partner agencies such as Ashfield District Council, the Community Protection Service and private enforcement teams.

“Overall in Ashfield North this year, we have 2,801 fewer victims of crime than when I arrived in 2008 and, as of the end of August, we have 225 less victims of crime compared to this time last year.”

Insp Clarke also praised the work of his colleagues, saying: “I am very proud of the hard work done by all my colleagues, including response officers, beat teams, CID and other departments to achieve these results, but we will not stop there.

“I still have concerns around the level of anti-social behaviour and the disruption some people have to endure from others who lack a fundamental consideration and respect for their community.”

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