Council promises work on sand-filled Warsop cemetery

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Council chiefs have vowed to re-seed a cemetery which has been deluged by sand because of the recent downpours.

Mansfield District Council has said it will work to clear the tonnes of sand which were washed in from an adjacent farmer’s field during heavy bouts of rain.

They have already sent a council worker in a bid to sweep away the sands, which has covered pathways and even some grave plots.

But given the sensitive nature of the area, and the sheer volume of sand deposited on the site, the council 
will now look to treat the site in the coming months, with the graves affected made a priority.

Coun Mick Barton, portfolio holder for public protection, said: “As a result of unprecedented rainfall, sand from a farmer’s field bypassed an existing drain and flowed into Warsop Cemetery.

“The sand has now been removed from all the graves and the footpath outside the cemetery and work is continuing to clear the footpath inside the cemetery.

“Unfortunately, the ground is currently too sodden to remove the wet sand that remains on a 12-metre grassed area in the cemetery as this would create more mess. Work will be done to rectify this when the ground has dried out.

“A natural barrier will be built adjacent to the existing drain to help prevent any further run-off in the future. We apologise for any distress and inconvenience caused.”