Community News - Woodhouse

Trinity Methodists

Home Fellowship, met at the home of Mary Marsh, for Bible study, which was led by the Rev Arthur Spencer. The young people joined together in the schoolroom for a practise of their forthcoming pantomime. On Wednesday morning the Toddler group met in the schoolroom, followed by the Bright Hour in the afternoon. Mrs Cilla Marsh chaired the meeting, and the members enjoyed a quiz afternoon. Mrs Wyn Sansom played the piano. In the evening, the young peoples group, Engage, met. On Thursday evening, the young peoples group, React, met. Last Friday week was the start of Advent, and the Rupert Group met at the home of Joan and Russ Walters, led by the Rev Rodney Warden. Last Sunday morning, the Preacher was Mr Robert Vickers. The Bible readings were given by Ann Clayton and the Rev. Keith Beecroft. The vestry steward was Joan Walters, and the door steward was Steve Cree. The organist was David Richards. In the afternoon, the Family Christingle Service took place, led by the Rev Keith Beecroft. Carols were sung and readings were given by Joan Walters. The Youth Groups took part in the service with puppets.

During the afternoon a Christingle workshop was held, which was followed by a faith tea. After tea, a collection was taken for the Matthew Rusike Children’s Home, which is in Epworth, Zimbabwe.

Peafield Church

Last Sunday week, the Christingle service was conducted by Ian Munro, who’s theme was ‘Hope’. Shirley Baines led the prayers, and Margaret Munro gave the reading. The refreshments were served by Margaret Munro and Beryl Blagg.

Triangle Group

Last Thursday week, 21 members attended the meeting at Turner Hall Lounge. Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions, and Joan Davies chaired the meeting. The members exercised to a video tape, followed by chair assisted exercise led by Pauline Shaw. The refreshment hostesses were Kath Betts and Madge Cornell. The raffle winner was Ruth Marriott. Last Saturday week, the Christmas Band Concert took place in Turner Hall. The Nottingham Police Band performed, and their musical director, Gary Glover.

St Chad’s

Last Sunday week, the Rev. Allan Scrivener led the Holy Communion Service.

The Christadelphians

Last Sunday week, the service, held at the Church of the Brother’s and Sisters in Christ, was led by Roy Standeven, who spoke on the subject ‘the return of Jesus Christ. Is it soon?’. He took a reading from Acts ch.1, starting at verse 10. The Sunday school was conducted by Margaret Bennett, who took for her subject, ‘Saul of Tarsus is converted. The Christians rejoice’. The organist was Roy Standeven, and the Bible readings were given by Carol Burton. The Steward was Maurice Trynor. Last Wednesday morning, Sarah Clark led the Tots and Toys Group, and the children made sticky pictures on the activity table, and modelled with play dough in the home corner. They also enjoyed playing with the big play toys. The Bible Class was replaced with a Praise Evening. Antony Slyn played the guitar, and Rachel Slyn led the singing. Antony gave a Spiritual thought and Sarah Clark recited a poem. On Sunday 16th December, the service will be led by Stephen Leng. On Wednesday 19th December, the Tots and Toys Christmas Party will take place. On 23rd December at 6pm the Carol Service will take place, with the Christmas message by James Clark. All are welcome to attend.

St Edmund’s Church

Last Sunday was the 1st Sunday of Advent, and the service was conducted by the Rev. Allan Scrivener, assisted by Andrew Shaw. The Bible readings were given by Sue Bowley and Maud Jarvis. The Sidesmen were Pat Eadson and Hilda Flannagan. The Chalice assistants were Jean Fisher, Dave Colclough and Ken Gleadall. The prayers of intercession were led by Jean Fisher. Coffee was served in the Stable Centre by Marjorie and Betty Pinnick. The 5pm Christingle service was led by the Rev. Allan Scrivener. The sidesmen were Jean Taylor and Irene Garratt. The Scouts distributed the Christingles and took the collection. The organist was David Watson.