Community News - Woodhouse

Trinity Methodists

Last Monday week, the Home Fellowship met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh, led by the Rev Arthur Spencer. The Cilla Group met last Tuesday week, for Youth Bible Study at Castleton Close. On Wednesday morning, the Toddler Group met in the Schoolroom, which was followed by a meeting of the Bright Hour, where preparation was made for the Bright Hour 100 Anniversary weekend. Last Friday, the Rupert Group met at 64 Portland Street, the home of Joan and Russ Walters. Last Saturday, the Bright Hourcentenary celebrations began with an ‘at home’. Members were entertained by Trevor Lee, magician. Mrs Freda Warmby and Mrs Margaret Twells, two of the longest serving members of the group, cut the celebration cake. On Sunday morning, a Centenary Thanksgiving Service was conducted by the RevDavid Greenwood. During the service a duet was sung by Mrs Irene Spencer and Mrs Mary Marsh, and Mrs Cilla Marsh sang a solo. Bible readings were by Mrs Dorothy Painter and Mrs Wyn Sansom. Stewards were Mrs Joan Walters, Mrs Trish Sayeg and Mr Barry Sayeg. Organist was David Richards.

Pearfield Church

Last Sunday week, the church celebrated its 20th birthday, with over 70 attending the service led by Ian Munro. The Rev Allan Scrivener gave Communion and read the sermon, and Ian Munro led the prayers. A Bible reading was by Wendy Ince. Bess Wright was organist, and with the St Edmund’s Music Group - Colleen Hayes, Andrew Shaw and Amy Newton - provided music. A celebration cake was by Beryl and Bill Blagg. The candles on the cake were lit by Jean and Ken Fisher, among the original 12 people who founded the church. The birthday of Shirley Baines was celebrated.

Triangle Group

Last Thursday week, 23 members attended the meeting at Turner Hall Lounge. Subscriptions were collected by Ruth Marriott, and the meeting was chaired by Joan Davies. Refreshment hostesses were Connie Froggett and Joyce Stevens. The raffle winner was Joan Davies. A letter was received from the Sherwood Forest Hospital Scanner Appeal, thanking the group for their kind donation of 」100.

St Edmund’s Church

Last Sunday week, the congregation attended the 20th birthday celebration service at Peafield Community Church. The 6.30pm Communion service, was conducted by the Rev Janice Dewhurst. Sidesmen were Irene Garrett and Maud Jarvis and Sue Bowley, and readings were given by Ken Gleadall and Kate Colclough. Dave Colclough assisted with the chalice. Bess Wright was the organist for the evening.

Brothers and Sisters

Mike Hardy gave a dramatic presentation of Jesus feeding the 5,000. Bible readings were given by Janice Howell, Denise Sobcynski, Rosanna Stanley and Margaret Bennett. Mike Hardy chose for his theme ‘Elijah learns to fully rely on God in the great famine’. A collection was taken to benefit the church in Bulgaria, where Mike and Sue Hardy have been on missionary work. Musicians were John Bennett and Tony O’Connor, and steward was Maurice Trynor. Last Wednesday morning, the Tots and Toys group, was led by Sarah Clark. The children took part in finger painting and made sparkly pictures. On Wednesday 24th October, a MacMillan coffee morning will take place at the church, on Park Road, Mansfield Woodhouse at 10am.