Community News - Sutton

Seniors’ 50 Plus

At Wednesday week’s meeting at Anchor Centre, Skegby, Ashfield District Council Heritage Offr, Denis Hill, gave a talk about local heritage.

Women’s Institute: Members had a branch anniversary party at The Carnavon, Teversal.

New Cross Church

The Vicar, the Rev Tim Mitchell, celebrated Wednesday week’s Holy Communion. The vicar and Adrian Self led a Life Is For Living course. On Thursday week Hilary Bostock led a card making group meeting. June Bagley led Friday week’s MINGLE Group meeting. Jane Selby led the children’s Glee dance club, and there was a Life Is For Living meeting. Films were shown on the Friday and on Saturday week. The vicar celebrated Sunday week’s Holy Communion. The church anniversary service included confirmation, baptism and renewal of marriage vows and was led by the vicar, the Rev Alan Boyd and Southwell and Nottingham Diocese assistant Bishop, John Finney. Greeters were John and Anthea Calladine and reader was Adrian Self. Derek Smith and Anne Acton took the offertory. Churchwomen served refreshments. On Monday week there was a children’s activity morning and yesterday week, a community choir practice.

Third Brownies: Members used marshmallows, sprinkles and chocolate beans to decorate cakes at Thursday week’s meeting. Then they played games. Leaders were Liz Guy, Angj Brooks and Gemma and Jason Trueman.

St Luke’s Church: The Rev Adrian Butt presided and preached, assisted by Maureen Peat, at October’s Eucharist at Willett’s Court on Sunday week.

St Mary’s Church

The Vicar, the Rev David James, presided at Sunday week’s said Eucharis. Sheila Oscroft preached and at matins, led by Tim Guy. Eileen Naylor led intercessions. Worship4All at Magdalene Centre was led by the all-age team.

Community of Christ: Barbara Woodhouse arranged console games at Peacemakers Youth Group’s meeting last Tuesday week. Helpers were Marianne Rowe, Celia Roddis and Helen Kemp. Worship was led by Celia Roddis at the women’s meeting. Hazel Holmes arranged a board game called Round Great Britain. Refreshments were provided by Evelyn Shepperson and there was a bring-and -buy sale. At Wednesday week’s coffee morning nearly new sale were on sale. Performing Arts Workshop was held in the evening. At October’s Thursday fellowship meeting at Frank and Evelyn Shepperson’s home an imaginary walk around old Sutton was organised by Frank Shepperson. Friday week’s jumble sale raised more than £74 for church funds. Serve in Community, was the theme for Sunday week’s evening’s service led by Pastor Barbara Woodhouse. Members gave readings and favourite hymns. Ralph Holmes was organist and refreshments were provided by Ralph and Hazel Holmes.

Zion Baptist Church

On Sunday week CDs were used to lead worship. Blair Hutchison was in charge of sound and lighting mixing systems. Xtreme Sunday School was led by Kerry Ellis and Dot Mousley. Speaker Alan Lowe’s theme was Spiritual Gifts. At Eastside Centre SureStart had a session and WNC (West Nottinghamshire College) ran a course last Monday week. Early Start had a meeting last Tuesday week. On Wednesday week WNC ran a course and there was an Activity Club meeting. On Thursday week there were meetings of Kerry’s Can Can Club and junior and senior youth clubs. On Friday week there was a SureStart meeting.

United Reformed

The Minister, the Rev Colin Bones, conducted Sunday week’s service. Organist was Mrs Helena Wain and door steward and reader was Mrs Janet Fairfield. Vestry steward Mr Ivan Smith and Mrs Elspeth Clunie were communion stewards. Mrs Ellen Hartshorne arranged flowers in memory of Mrs Annie Leverton. Jessica Ross and Rosie Stone took the offertory. Mrs Rachel Ross led family church. At meetings of Ashfield Dragons Kick Boxing Club instructors were David Parnell, Mally Wainwright and Alan Batterham.

Salvation Army

Janet Sawyer led Wednesday week’s over 60s meeting and, with Maj Peter Disney, served meals at the lunch club meeting. Maj Dawn Disney led Sunday week’s morning meeting and Maj Peter Disney, the evening meeting.

Aspley Court

At yesterday week’s meeting domino winners were Nelly Bramley, Ruth Smalley, Joan Ellis and Dorothy Papworth. Bingo winners were Joan Ellis, Joyce Gregory, Grace Wall and Beryl Thompson.

Brierley House

Bingo callers were Mr M. Wood and Mrs J. Connah. Game winners were Mesdames E. McKee, B. Rudhall, M. Brain, P. Dykes, M. Johnson, J. Gregory, M. Barsby, J. Swain, M. Pitchford, V. Morrison, E. Lovatt, E. Hill, J. Wood, J. Mansfield, W. Harris, E. Pickering, B. Toon, D. Mitchell, I. Leach and M. Rolley and Messrs A. Saysert, A. Morrison, J. Moore, D. Johnson, E. Lovatt and H. Mitchell. Raffle winners were Mesdames Johnson, Connah, Gregory, Harris and E. Moore and Mr Mitchell.

St John’s Methodists

Olive Branch Coffee Bar was open on Friday week and Saturday week. There was a Boys’ Brigade meeting on the Friday. The Rev John Hale conducted Sunday week’s morning service. Mrs Audrey Welch, Mrs Susan Pacey and Miss Lesley Moakes read lessons and Mrs Sue Otter operated the clavinova. In the evening the Minister, the Rev Alan Boyd, the Rev Judith Shewen and Mr John Whitehead led a wholeness and healing service with Holy Communion. Mrs Marian Adkin served communion and Mrs Doreen Young played the clavinova. On Monday week there was an Ashfield Childminders’ Group meeting. Mr Barrie Smith was speaker at Monday Christian Group’s meeting and Sutton Choral Society had a rehearsal. At the community room there was a Scrabble Group meeting yesterday week and an art class, last Wednesday. There was a zumba class at the hall on the Tuesday.