Community News - Skegby

St Andrew’s Church

On Remembrance Sunday Associate Priest, the Rev Adrian Dempster, celebrated early said Communion. The Vicar, Canon Dr Richard Kellett, led all-age worship, played guitar and led prayers. Stewards were Pam Clarke and Nicole Keeling. Members of Scouts, Beavers and Royal British Legion and St Andrew’s Primary schoolchildren attended. Jeff Aldread led the Act of Homage and Jonathan Clarke, a prayer of commitment. Bugler was Emma Betts. Last Monday week there was a Little Fishes Toddlers’ Group activity session. In the evening there was a bonfire party at the vicarage paddock.

Methodist Church

Arnie Kells conducted Remembrance Sunday’s service and Frank Goldsmith led the Act of Remembrance. Worship leader Brenda Goldsmith opened the service. Denise Matters played the clavinova and, with Josie Kemp, gave Bible readings. Door stewards were Noreen Kells and Jean Brooks and vestry stewards Kathleen and Stuart Bramwell took the offertory. Eileen Lawrence manned the sound mixer desk and Sandra Burton gave a PowerPoint presentation. Shoeboxes with children’s Christmas gifts for Samaritan’s Purse, were blessed. Denise Matters and Ann Patrick served refreshments. Members of caring and learning group ran November’s Oasis session of listening and praying. At Anchor Centre management committee’s annual meeting officers elected were: Chairman, Doris Taylor; secretary, Eileen Lawrence.

Beechwood Court

On Thursday week chairman of 50 Plus Club, Mr Norman Broadbelt, presided at the annual meeting attended by 38 members. Officers elected were: Chairman, Mr Broadbelt; vice-chairman, Mr J. Clarke; secretary, Mrs R. Stones; treasurer; Mrs M. Gwynn; committee members – Mesdames S. Clarke, M. Hoyland, M. Marchant, J. Turner, J. Boyer and N. Piconni and Mr R. Birkin. Bingo caller was Mr Broadbelt and raffle winner was Mrs Piconni. Mrs Hoyland and Mrs Clarke served teas and Messrs Birkin, A. Key, T. Rowe and Clarke did kitchen duties. Mrs Boyer and Mrs Marchant sold tickets, with Mr Birkin, and assisted with bingo with Mrs Gwynn and Mrs Hoyland.


At Wednesday week’s meeting members made bird feeders led by Erika Marshall and Pam Peake.


Members did handbook work and painted clay ducks at Monday week’s meeting. Leaders were Catherine Willis, Anne Bagley and Natalie and Louise Flint.


Star of the week awards went to Brooke Butler and Ellie-May Parsons at Wednesday week’s meeting. Weekly awards were given to Emily Evans, Isabel Harris and Hanna Makinson-Smith. Activities about Remembrance Day included making ‘poppies’, drawing pictures and being told about it. Leaders Helen Halfpenny and Jo and Pam Peake were assisted by Guide Charlotte Peake.

Monday Club

At Healdswood Community Centre chairman Mr David Franks opened Monday week’s meeting attended by 28 members and new member Mr D. Dudley. Raffle winner was Mr A. Parkes and ticket sellers were Mr Franks and Mrs M. Briggs. Bingo caller Mrs M. Wallace was assisted by Mrs M. Hoyland and Mrs M. Gwynn. Mesdames R. White, Hoyland and J. Turner did kitchen duties. Members and guests had Christmas lunch on Wednesday week at the village’s The Rifle Volunteer public house.