Community News - Blidworth

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Meadow, New Road

On Monday week the meeting was opened by Mrs M. Brailsford. Mrs B. Creasey, Mrs R. Dodsworth and Mrs J. Pitt served refreshments. Tickets were sold by Mrs M. Buchanon and Mr H. Alcock called the bingo. A quiz was organised and called by Mrs M. Cooper and winners were Mrs P. Hutton and Mrs S. Layland. Bingo winners were Mesdames M. Brailsford, M. Buchanon, V. Greaves, S. Layland, R. Dodsworth, T. Jukes, E. Haggarty, M. Gladwin, and Messrs E. Hunt, and I Smith. Raffle winners were Mesdames M. Cope, T. Jukes, M. Brailsford, J. Smith, M. Cooper, and Mr A. Musson. Club members celebrated the birthday of Mrs A. Farr.

St Andrew’s

Morning Prayer took place on Monday and Wednesday mornings with Holy Communion, On Wednesday Vestry hour was led by Angela Penny.

St Mary’s Church

The Rev Geoff Maltby led the service on Sunday morning and assisting him were Stephanie Smart who later read from the Gospel and Stephen Fox. There were readings from the Old Testament by Christine Dean and Robin Sharpe who read from the New Testament. There was a presentation given by Mary Lane from the Beacon project for the homeless. Prayers were by Susan Paine and Gordon Foster played the organ during the service. Lay reader Lorna Jagger was presented with a gift after her placement.

Methodist Church

A Prayer meeting was on Wednesday evening led by Karen O’Hara and on Sunday morning Ann Griffiths led the service which included a reading from Graham Jukes. Sunday school was led by Patricia Stewart and Vanessa Crane played the music. Diana Richard was the welcome steward.

Heritage Society

Ian Morgan gave a talk on ‘Pestilence, Intrigue and Murder. If you have any photographs of the village and its people that may be copied and added to the archive contact Dale Smallwood, secretary, on 479978 or visit

Oaks Primary School

The school welcomed former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2010 and were honoured by his invitation to them to visit the House of Commons. On 25th September they had a guided tour and also went on the London Eye and visited the National Art Gallery. Children selected to go were the school Parliament members, Year 6 House Captains, Year 6 Sports Captains, the dead teacher’s commendation children from 2012, and also last year and this year’s school councillors.