Community News - Bilsthorpe

Burton Court Centre

Chairman Sandra Morton welcomed 22 members to Thursday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Margaret Mudd, Lil Cotterill and Sheila Hall. Tea and refreshment were served by committee members and helpers. Bingo caller was Sandra Morton.


Topics discussed included setting up a work party at the Museum in the Village Hall, past and future outside displays and exhibitions, maintenance of the Memorial Garden, and fundraising activities, particularly the next coffee morning on Saturday 24th November.

St John Ambulance

Seventeen Cadets and Badgers attended Wednesday week’s meeting at Headquarters. Badgers did first-aid with Giorgina Rose, Elizabeth Richardson and Sylvia Wilson. Cadet members practiced filling in patients report forms with Sarah Richardson and Justin Hall. Members of the competition team trained with Geoff Goddard, Trevor Knott and Mick Stevens.

Green Centre

Chairman David Ramsdale welcomed 21 members to Tuesday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Sylvia Summerville and Peggy Coupland. Bingo caller was Celia Smith. Twenty-two members were welcomed to Friday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Joan West and Lillian Johnson. Bingo caller was David Ramsdale.

Social Whist Drive

Seven members and friends attended the meeting held Wednesday week in Burton Court Centre. Raffle winners were David Ramsdale and Peggy Gilbody. Whist winners included Ken Corkish, Robert Rowe, Peggy Gilbody and Celia Smith.

Over 50s Club

Chairman David Ramsdale welcomed 44 members to Wednesday week’s meeting at the Welfare. Dance MC was John Corden and bingo caller was Connie Roberts. Members joined in a horse racing theme game arranged by Marion Sentence, Katie Towle and Ken Corkish. A quiz arranged by Bill Lamb was won by Fred Brown. Winners of the chocolate dance were Tom Blackburn and Margaret Coupland. Refreshments were served by Connie Roberts. Twenty raffle prizes were won winners were Jean Higgings, Laurie Mudd, Sheryl Bird, Ruth Vardy, Jill Holley, Reg Clayton, Marion Sentence, Connie Roberts, Kay Clayton, David Ramsdale, Sheila Corden, Jean Jarvis, Fred Brown, Margaret Coupland, Jean Corkish, Jean Brentnall and Graham Vardy.

St Margaret’s Church

Holy Communion on Sunday week was led by the Rev Margaret Groves who preached. Hospitality greeter and reader was Katrina Leach. Gospel reader was Will Abbott. Intercessions were read by Richard Groves. Elements were taken up to the altar by Katrina Leach and Will Abbott, and the offertory by Alessia Barnard-Pasqualone and Megan Abbott. Children’s Sunday school was taken by Sandra Burrows and Lauryn Stokoe. Organist was Derek Reaney. Refreshments were served by Sandra Burrows, Lauryn Stokoe and Jacqueline Stafford.