Charity tattoo plans for 62-year-old foster mum

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A foster mum is to make a permanent mark in raising the profile of a charity - by having their logo tattooed on her body.

Susan Payne, who is from the Ashfield area, is the full-time carer of a four-year-old boy who suffers from the rare condition, mucopolysaccharide.

Known as MPS, the progressive genetic condition means the youngster has undergo gruelling five-hour treatment session every week to ease his symptoms.

The boy, who cannot be named for protection reasons, has a rare and serious form of the disease, which affects the connective tissues of his entire body, including bones, organs, teeth, vision and hearing.

But because very few people have heard of the condition and the subsequent charity- The MPS Society - Susan thought by having their badge permanently inked onto her skin, it could help raise money and its profile.

“I have always had a pet hate of tattoos, I’ve always asked why anyone would want to mark their body like that!

“I’m 62 and I’m scared of heights so a bungee jump was out of the question.

“Luke has been through so much and is in constant pain so I don’t mind the pain of having this done.”

The Monster Shop on Mansfield’s Leeming Street have kindly offered to do the tattoo free of charge, with plans to have it inked between Susan’s shoulder blades.

She added: “The man said he would do it for free, although he said to colour it in would take weeks, so it’s just going to be the outline which he said would take about 15 minutes!”

Susan and her husband has looked after the young boy since he was just a day old.

She noticed a lump at the base of spine after a 
few months, and he was referred to specialists in Manchester, who diagnosed him with MPS.

Sue added “It’s hard to diagnose, most kids do not get it until between aged six and eight.

“Because he started treatment at such a young age, it’s prevented a lot of things happening that could have happened.

“Many people have not even heard of it.

“We knew nothing about it before I checked it on the internet.

“We are hoping he can live into his 30s or beyond, but we tend not to look that far ahead.

“It does not affect him, he is such a fighter.

“He carries on and is quite oblivious to what he has.”

To sponsor Susan, who has set herself a £1,000 target, log onto