Cat rescue closes down Mansfield Woodhouse street

The ninth life
The ninth life

Firefighters were forced to shut down a road and bring out the aerial ladder platform and a high-pressure hose to rescue a cat from a tree in Mansfield Woodhouse.

Crews were called to Woodhouse Court at 9.40am this morning by an RSPCA officer (Monday July 28th) after the cat got stuck 30ft up the tree.

Ladders couldn’t be used because of low-hanging branches, so two crew members were sent back to the station to fetch the platform.

Darren Warner, watch manager at Mansfield Fire Station, said: “It was difficult to position the platform because of overhead wires. We managed to get up close but the cat decided to go somewhere else. We tried spraying it with water to encourage it to come down.”

The gambit failed and the firefighters had to return to the ground and consult with the owner before going back up, this time armed with a hose reel jet.

One blast from the hose and the cat slipped down through the branches before dropping the final eight feet. The female tabby then raced off across the road towards its home on Mansfield Road.

Crews were detained for one hour and 45 minutes. Police shut down Woodhouse Court which had been taking diverted traffic from York Street.

Mr Warner said: “It all looked very dramatic - and all for one very small tabby cat!”