Calls for action on Stanton Hill accident blackspot

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Residents who live on a blind junction in Stanton Hill say someone will die unless action is taken on a dangerous accident hotspot.

Ann Kynaston, who lives right on the Meden Bank / Fackley Road junction has seen her fence destroyed several times by crashes.

She has joined forces with Caroline and Simon Wilkinson, of Fackley Way, to demand action. They are demanding that speed limits are reduced and a mirror installed at the blind junction.

Mrs Kynaston, who has lived there for 32 years said, “I have witnessed some horrific accidents on this junction including damage to my property. Years ago there used to be a mirror across the road to give drivers a view of the oncoming traffic coming down this road. This needs to return or something needs to be done by the restriction of speed on the road.

She said although things had progressed with signs going up, something more needed to be done: “If nothing happens then someone is going to die.”

Coun Jason Zadrozny, who represents Stanton Hill on Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “I have worked hard with local residents to get things done. We have slow markings and an interactive speed sign on Fackley Road. These clearly haven’t mitigated the problem enough. I have asked for a mirror before and the County Council refused - I am now repeating that request before a tragic accident occurs.”