Breast cancer meeting date

NMAC11-1277-5''Kings Mill Hospital
NMAC11-1277-5''Kings Mill Hospital
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A MEETING for people affected by breast cancer test errors at King’s Mill Hospital has been organised by one of the patients involved.

Anne Harman and her partner Paul Fowler are currently in contact with 11 people who have also been notified by Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust that they, or their relatives, received incorrect oestrogen receptor test results.

This means that they could have had less effective cancer treatment and are now having to undergo further testing.

Anne, Paul, the other patients and their families are exploring what legal action they can take against the hospital and have now set up the Kings Mill Hospital Action and Support Group.

They are holding a meeting at the Chad offices on Newgate Lane, Mansfield on Sunday 13th January at 4pm, and anyone affected is invited to attend.

“We aim to find out our legal standing on this issue and will have a solicitor present who is an expert in this field, who will be answering any questions and providing an information sheet,” said Anne and Paul.

Their aim is to get an admission of guilt, an apologyand assurances such errors will not happen again.