Bottleneck Ollerton roundabout to be improved

MOTORISTS travelling through Ollerton can look forward to reduced congestion after a major improvement scheme at the town's main roundabout was agreed.

Nottinghamshire County Council will spend 3.1m to improve the 'bottleneck' junction linking the A614, A616 and A6075 by enlarging the roundabout so there are two lanes on each approach and on the roundabout itself.

Councillors gave the green light to the scheme — which is expected to start in 2010 — at a cabinet meeting last week.

And they hope the move will stop drivers using 'inappropriate' alternative routes through Old Ollerton and surrounding villages.

Coun Stella Smedley, cabinet member for environment, told Chad: "I am delighted with the decision as it will mean less congestion for motorists travelling through this part of the county.

"And more importantly it will mean that local people can rest easier knowing that their streets aren't being used as a rat run."

Project leaders will now start detailed design work and will carry out negotiations with landowners because they need to buy some private land next to the roundabout.

And the move has been welcomed by Coun Ben Wells, leader of Ollerton and Boughton Town Council, who told Chad there have been traffic problems at the roundabout for many years.

"I am very pleased and the sooner they do it the better," Coun Wells said. "I am sure it can only be welcomed by all who use Ollerton roundabout.

"I am sure we will all benefit from it. When they close the A1 all the traffic comes down here and it is a complete nightmare. Even without that, when it is rush hour you are always waiting to get to the roundabout."

The plans include increasing the diameter of the roundabout from 37m to 60m and putting in crossings for pedestrians and cyclists across the A614 south of the roundabout and the A6075 Mansfield Road.

A public exhibition about various options for the roundabout was held last summer and 94 per cent of people were in favour of improving it.