Blankets stolen off Skegby horses' backs

AN animal lover was shocked to find thieves had broken into stables to steal blankets from her horses during last week's freezing weather conditions.

Thirty-seven-year-old Charlotte Newton has cared for horses at a stable on Penniment Lane in Skegby for the past five years.

But she was distressed to discover winter blankets used to protect the animals during cold weather had been stolen after visiting the stable on 5th January.

"I couldn't believe it, they've come onto the land and stolen the rugs straight off the horses backs," Charlotte, of Church Warsop, said.

"I'm a care assistant and I'm only on minimum wage, because some thief has stolen them all I can't afford to get anything else for them."

The theft comes at a particularly bad time for the eight horses, four of which are rescue animals, as the forecast remains poor for the week ahead with more snowfall and sub-zero temperatures expected.

"Horses need to get out in the day and it's just too cold for them at the moment to be outside without something to help keep them warm," Charlotte said.

"The same thing happened two years ago and the police didn't have anything to help them find who did it so this time around I put the postcode on both sides of all the blankets but it clearly hasn't stopped them."

Charlotte is now appealing for any residents to contact her on 07751392113 if they can help in any way or provide size 6ft6in to 6ft9in blankets for the horses until she can track down the stolen items or find replacements.

"Anything would be appreciated at the moment because they just haven't got anything at all and the police have nothing to go on to try and find out who did it," Charlotte said.