Ashfield District Council step up war on litter

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Ashfield District Council say they are making continual progress in the crackdown on litter with 19 fixed penalty notices being issued in just one week in Sutton.

Community Protection Officers (CPOs) have carried out a number of plain clothed operations over the past week and have issued the Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to people caught in the act dropping litter.

Operations have taken place in Sutton Town Centre, the Leamington Estate and the Twitchell.

The 19 FPNs have been issued mainly for littering with a small number issued to those caught not clearing up after their dog.

Coun Andrew Davidson – portfolio holder for environment, public health and community protection said: “The Council takes the concerns of residents seriously and with litter being an ongoing issue it is high on the Authorities agenda.

“The Community Protection Officers work long and hard to catch the offenders that litter the district and will continue to do so in a bid to keep the area clean.”