Ashfield: Bikers out in force for funeral of Hells Angel

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An estimated 1,000 bikers descended on Ashfield to pay their respects at the funeral of a well-respected Hells Angels member on Friday.

Neil Mott, 53, of Sutton, was the Ashfield charter’s president at the time of his sudden death from a stroke.

He was a well-known figure around the world, having travelled extensively to events and helping to organise others.

“It was a fantastic send-off and if I had something half as good when my time comes then I would be happy,” said Ashfield Hells Angels’ vice president, Lee Smith.

“There were at least a thousand bikers in the funeral precession with people coming from as far away as South Africa and California in the USA to be there.

“There were also a lot more people, friends and family, who came in cars who were there. Common Road in Huthwaite is about a mile long and when people were at the bottom of the hill, the last of the bikes were still coming around the corner from the clubhouse (on Blackwell Road).”

It took around 20 minutes for the procession to pass by as it made its way from Huthwaite along the A38 to the junction near to King’s Mill Hospital.

Those involved paused outside Mr Mott’s house on Mansfield Road to salute him in the Hells Angels tradition of revving bikes.

The final stop was at the cemetery on Huthwaite Road, where Mr Mott’s wife and Hell Angels member ‘Banger’ made short speeches about his life.

Mr Smith added: “The family were delighted by the response. It was a celebration of his life and no moping about - which is what he would have wanted.

“There was no service as such, but there was a reverend there at the cemetery to say a prayer for him as it was on holy ground.”

The Ashfield Hells Angels have still to decide who will take on the role of president, which will be confirmed by vote.

“Whoever takes on the role is going to have some very big shoes to fill because of what Neil achieved in his position,” said Mr Smith.




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