Arsonists thought to have started grass fires in Mansfield and Ashfield area

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Arsonists are thought to be responsible for a spate of grass and woodland fires which stretched firefighting crews in the area on Sunday.

Mansfield crews took two hours to tackle fires on more than 10,000 sq m of grass and undergrowth off Netherfield Lane, Warsop in a blaze which was reported at 6.43pm.

Two hosereels and beaters were used.

Firefighters from Ashfield were called to put out fires at Coxmoor Woods from around 6pm. Two pumps, hosereel jets and beaters were used to put out the fires which damaged grass, undergrowth and trees.

At 2.57 am on Monday, firecrews from Edwinstowe were called to extinguish a fire on 500 sqm of railway embankment.

A Fire services spokesman said: “We have reason to think these fires were started deliberately.

“These sort of fires tie up our resources and make it more difficult to respond to house fires and road traffic accidents.”