Aldi given go-ahead to open in Mansfield Woodhouse

Peggs DIY store, Mansfield Woodhouse.
Peggs DIY store, Mansfield Woodhouse.
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Discount supermarket Aldi has been given the green light to build its new store in Mansfield Woodhouse, despite protests from other supermarkets giants.

Planners on Mansfield District Council gave the application for Leeming Lane South the green light.

The site on the Old Mill Lane Industrial Estate is currently occupied by Pegg’s DIY, which will cease trading.

More than 73 letters of support were submitted by residents in support.

However, 12 letters of objection were received from members of the public, largely expressing concern over the potential increased traffic congestion onto Leeming Lane South.

In addition, Asda and Morrisons, both of which have supermarkets nearby, submitted objections claiming it was ‘illogical’ to have an Aldi midway between Mansfield and Mansfield Woodhouse.

It was suggested that the site of the old General Hospital should have been considered as a more suitable site.

Neither company sent a spokesman during the recent planning meeting at the Civic Centre.

However, lifelong Mansfield Woodhouse resident Olive Radford (77) spoke in favour saying: “ I have lived here all my life, and there used to be lots of shops and lots of choice.

“The people in Mansfield Woodhouse are all shopping in Shirebrook, because there’s only Hobson’s choice here - Morrisons.”

This was backed by Coun Katrina Atherton who said: “It’s time there was more choice. People want to stay local rather than travel away from the village.”

Nine of the councillors on the planning committee voted in favour of the application, with one abstention.