Brown bin warning for Mansfield residents


Residents of Mansfield District are being reminded to dispose of their garden waste correctly.

Mansfield District Council’s Waste and Recycling team has noticed an increase in the amount of garden waste being put into green household waste bins.

When garden waste is buried at landfill sites it decomposes without air, which produces large amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

However, residents who put their garden waste into their green bin will not have their bin emptied and will receive a letter of warning from the council.

Garden waste should be disposed of via the council’s chargeable Garden Waste Collection Service (brown bin), composted or taken to a recycling centre.

Garden waste collected includes grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, leaves, small branches and twigs (up to 10cm in diameter),

To sign up for the Garden Waste Collection Service, visit or call 01623 463 463.

For £25 a year you will get a brown bin, and an all-year-round collection service - every two weeks from March to November and monthly from December to February.

Once your payment has cleared, you will receive a sticker (and a brown bin if you don’t already have one) within ten working days, which must be placed on your brown bin. Crews will not empty any brown bins, unless they are displaying a current sticker.