British Gas will charge MiEVs

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MITSUBISHI has announced that British Gas will be its preferred supplier of home-based electric car charging solutions for its i-MiEV electric car and forthcoming plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV.

British Gas is already the official UK charging solution partner for Renault, Nissan and Toyota, and adds Mitsubishi to its fold with a range of charging solution options. With the choices starting at £375 for a relatively simple closed charging circuit that prevents the main house circuits from overloading, Mitsubishi customers can also opt for a £795 wall-mounted charging unit that the companies claim cuts recharge times by a third. One of the potential customer benefits of the partnership between British Gas and Mitsubishi includes an off-peak saver electricity supply tariff that should allow electric car owners to recharge their vehicles overnight for less than normal - effectively like pulling into a petrol station and being given discount fuel.

Lance Bradley, MD for Mitsubishi in the UK, says: “Our partnership with British Gas comes at an exciting time for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, with sales of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the launch of the Outlander PHEV in 2013, it cements Mitsubishi’s plan for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to account for 20 per cent of our sales by 2020.”