BMW signals switch to digital

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BMW is to begin equipping every single model in its range with DAB digital radio.

From January, every BMW – from the three-door 114i to the 760Li long-wheelbase luxury saloon – will receive DAB radio and will therefore be unaffected when analogue radio signals are eventually turned off.

The announcement follows news earlier this year that owners of used modern BMWs can purchase a retro-fit DAB radio kit. According to the company, no owner of a 
modern BMW will have to go without radio in the medium term.

The aftermarket interface is the first fully integrated system of its kind available for BMWs 
in the UK. The AutoDAB system, produced by Connects2, fits behind the dashboard, plugging into the existing radio.

Fitting seamlessly behind the existing head unit, installation is claimed to take about an hour with no additional box or dangling wires. A small aerial runs from the back of the unit and fixes to the top left corner of the windscreen.

DAB offers superior sound quality to analogue radio, with greater choice and normally a stronger, more consistent signal.