Roy Bainton column: We should take more pride and keep Mansfield cleaner

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Recently, walking down Westgate in Mansfield, I was appalled when three youths walked out of a famous hamburger emporium and to drop their polystyrene cartons and paper napkins to the pavement.

As there was a litter bin only a few feet away, I was propelled into OMBB mode (Old Man Busy Body). I picked all their rubbish up, handed it to them, and pointed to the bin. I then received an expletive-laden insult laced with a threat of violence.

The rubbish went back on the pavement, I picked it up, binned it, and not being keen on a visit to A&E, scarpered. Later that day, some idiot driver threw a can from his car widow. Once again, this interfering old bloke picked it up.


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